• 1992

    Chengdu TG microwave was founded in 1995

  • 200

    Creative and enterprising team of designers

  • 154

    Independent intellectual property
    Advanced technologies to fill gaps in the domestic microwave field

  • 26

    Annual microwave technology and product development experience

Innovation tiger

Since its founding in 1992, Chengdu TG microwave is based on the multiple perspectives and experiences of global users on commercial microwave products, and the integration of technological innovation and management innovation. From the integrated operation system of R & D, manufacturing, quality testing to finished product management, it is the first to build up the high-end applications of microwave technology in the industry. High and new technology enterprises have injected extraordinary power into China's microwave technology industry. With 200 innovative and enterprising designers, 26 years of experience in microwave technology and product development, more than 70 national longitudinal scientific research tasks, 154 independent intellectual property rights, and many advanced technology to fill the blank of the domestic microwave field.

The company develops, produces and sells high quality microwave core components, components and subsystems. It has professional microwave devices, components and systems research and development and engineering batch production capability. It is the most comprehensive microwave private enterprise in China. The overall R&D level of the key technology and project realization oriented equipment is the leading level of domestic private enterprises, and some of the technology has reached the advanced level in China. The products mainly include military microwave components, TR module, transceiver channel component, base station core network of civil mobile communication, wireless network optimization and digital microwave core components. It meets the application environment of ground, vehicle, airborne, missile, carrier and satellite, including communication, enemy and us recognition, navigation, radar, remote remote control. 

In the face of the future, tiger is keen to grasp the futuristic product of "big, small and softer". It also carries the dream and determination of tiger's "zero defect" product. With the individualized demand of the customer as a guide, it pursues the high end application of microwave technology and provides the first-class technology, product and suit for the global market. Business.

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