Tiger Microwave

Tiger Microwave was founded in 1991, Since its inception, Tiger has been a leading manufacturer of quality microwave components and integrated assemblies, These products are used in military as well as commercial applications and include isolator, circulators, switchs, filters, power divider/combiners, Directional couplers,mixers, VCOs ,RF amplifiers etc.

In 2007, Tiger relocated to Hi-Tech Developing Zone(west), Chengdu P. R. China to take advantage of lower operating cost in the region, Lower fixed cost accompany with an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing processes and our new 18000 sq.meters facility which was designed to optimize productivity has allowed us to decrease cost to our military customers and to be more competitive in the commercial market place.

Tiger has been the OEM supplier of north America and Europe for years, most of its standard products are in stock. Standard catalog products can be modified, or new designs developed, to meet special requirements, please tell us your need ,we’ll be happy to work with you.

Try us for your next custom application and we guarantee to come through for you on-time and under-budget!

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Tiger Microwave Industrial Park,No.18.Xinwen Road, Hi-Tech(West) Zone,Chengdu,611731,China.P.R.
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